About Peppermint

Peppermint Innovation Limited is focused on the commercialisation of the Peppermint Platform, a proprietary technology platform targeting four key business sectors – mobile payments, eCommerce, delivery and logistics, and mobile financial services

The Peppermint Platform is an innovative financial technology solution aimed at delivering financial inclusion to the unbanked and underbanked, facilitating mobile micro business enterprise and providing consumer convenience.

Most of Southeast Asia’s 658 million people (over 70%) do not have a bank account and a large portion of them operate without access to finance, banking, credit cards, payment services or the means to improve their lives.

  • We aim to provide a big part of this unsupported community with access to a digital platform via a mobile App to give them these tools.
  • We give them a “hand up” by enabling them to make payments and access online services without use of a bank or credit card and also provide them with access to a micro-insurance platform to conduct business on a scale they can deal with and earn from.
  • We give them a “hand up” by providing them access to a micro-enterprise platform to conduct business on a scale they can deal with and earn from.
  • We aim to give them a “hand up” by providing alternative non-bank credit accessible and via mobile App.

The Peppermint Solution:

Peppermint is tackling the problem of providing inclusive financial services to the 70% of the circa 110 million Filipinos who are unbanked and underbanked. This is a huge problem in the Philippines.

  • To solve this, Peppermint has developed and deployed its bizmoto mobile App, a comprehensive mobile micro-enterprise platform and ecosystem of services.
  • It offers eCommerce via agents and the general public, delivery and logistics where accredited riders are available on-demand, and mobile payments for bill payments, cash transfers, e-loading, QR code and linked m-wallet services.
  • Adding micro-enterprise lending and other essential non-bank financial services via the existing bizmoto agent network will provide a significant impetus for growth and uptake of the bizmoto platform, and subsequently the delivery of financial inclusive services.
  • The bizmoto platform and ecosystem of services is readily scalable and targeted at developing world countries in the ASEAN region.

Commercially deployed and proven in the Philippines, Peppermint is powering the Company’s own bizmoto non-bank mobile micro-enterprise platform and delivering white label mobile banking app solutions to the banking sector.

The bizmoto mobile micro-enterprise platform is enabling the next cohort of Filipino entrepreneurs to provide important financial inclusive services to the Filipino people.