Mobile Banking & Payments Service

A wide range of banking services conveniently done from the mobile phone.

  • Inquire Balance

    Easily check your account's remaining balance using your mobile phone.


    Move money from one account to another without having to visit a bank.

  • Mobile Payments

    Enables Billers and Merchants to accept payment with their mobile phone, ensuring that customers can pay fast and securely.

  • Top-up

    Purchase airtime or mobile wallet credits using your mobile phone.


  • Transaction History

    Helps you to keep track of your account's activities by showing your previous transactions.

  • Favorites

    Lets you save your frequent transactions by adding them to your favorites list.


    Works seamlessly over any mobile operator.


Easily send money domestically or internationally from your bank accounts.

  • Our platform is designed for businesses who want to offer international and domestic money transfers to their customers.

  • Anti money laundering compliant.

  • Empowers remittance companies in setting up their mobile agents.

  • Offers different termination points credit direct to a bank account, credit to a mobile wallet, Cash pick or through sms notification.


A full-featured mobile account with all the security (encryption) and functionality that is found in Peppermint’s Mobile banking service.

  • A stand-alone, server-side, stored value mobile account.

  • Specifically designed for non-banking clients

  • Multiple front end interface for all types of users - ios, android, java, sms, voice and web

  • Works seamlessly over any mobile operator.

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