bizmoPay Pilot Program – Building the Community

An important goal of our bizmoPay lending program is to build a community of engaged agents who are experiencing unique value, frequently transacting and becoming increasingly loyal to the brand.

According to Peppermint CEO Chris Kain: “Our agents are initially  attracted because of our small, micro-enterprise loans but it is the community aspect of the program that will build a deeper connection and ultimately lead to a greater frequency of transactions.”

“We are now to on track to expand  our initial group of 10 bizmoto agents, who have been chosen to trial bizmoPay, to around 100 agents during September.

“Once we are happy that bizmoPay is operating seamlessly it will be made available to all 55,000+ bizmoto agents and every registered bizmoto network member who qualifies and undertakes to promote the wider adoption of bizmoto services and drives the use of the wider bizmoto ecosystem.

“What we are seeing is the alternative non-bank consumer lending market growing rapidly throughout the Philippines and Peppermint is well placed to capitalise on this growth trend via our established bizmoto platform and bizmoPay.

“We have labelled the membership community – Planet bizmoto – and  membership welcome kits have already been  sent to pilot agents.

“Planet bizmoto is all about building the brand and we are off to a flying start.”

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