ASX Announcements 2020

30-12-2020Supplement to September QuarterlyDownload
24-12-2020Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
14-12-2020Appendix 2ADownload
10-12-2020Supplementary prospectusDownload
08-12-2020Cleansing ProspectusDownload
08-12-2020Option expiryDownload
27-11-2020Proposed issue of Securities - PILDownload
27-11-2020Funding Mandate to support re-quotation applicationDownload
26-11-2020Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance StatementDownload
26-11-2020Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
19-11-2020Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
19-11-2020Proposed issue of Securities - PILDownload
19-11-2020Peppermint raises extra interim capital to support progressDownload
30-10-2020Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
22-10-2020Notice under Listing Rule 3.13.1Download
19-08-2020Cleansing Prospectus to replace Cleansing NoticeDownload
19-08-2020Appendix 2ADownload
19-08-2020Proposed issue of Securities - PILDownload
12-08-202030 June 2020 Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportDownload
13-07-2020Director Appointment/ResignationDownload
01-07-2020Proposed issue of Securities - PILDownload
12-06-2020Proposed issue of Securities - PILDownload
12-06-2020Proposed issue of Securities - PILDownload
10-06-2020March Quarter Activity Report and CashflowDownload
10-06-2020Sale of Zambian mining assetDownload
03-04-2020Final Director's Interest NoticeDownload
03-04-2020Shareholder update and Board changesDownload
03-04-2020Initial Director's Interest NoticeDownload
13-03-2020Appendix 2ADownload
10-03-2020Proposed issue of Securities - PILDownload
03-02-2020Quarterly update - strong growth - Appendix 4CDownload

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