ASX Announcements 2019

11-12-2019ASX Funding UpdateDownload
05-12-2019Details of Company AddressDownload
03-12-2019Results of MeetingDownload
02-12-2019Shareholder Presentation 2019 AGMDownload
01-11-2019Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
31-10-2019Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
18-10-2019Response to ASX QueryDownload
18-10-2019Appendix 3BDownload
18-10-2019Funding UpdateDownload
11-10-2019Suspension from Official QuotationDownload
11-10-2019Pause in TradingDownload
02-09-2019Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
30-08-2019Corporate Governance StatementDownload
30-08-2019Appendix 4GDownload
30-08-2019Preliminary Final ReportDownload
30-08-2019Appendix 3BDownload
22-08-2019Response to Appendix 4C QueryDownload
31-07-2019Quarterly Activity and Cash Flow reportDownload
30-07-2019Appendix 3BDownload
26-06-2019Appendix 3BDownload
18-06-2019Appendix 3BDownload
31-05-2019Appendix 3BDownload
17-05-2019App launched for 41,000 member Health Co-OperativeDownload
01-05-2019Initial Director's Interest Notice - Albert CheokDownload
30-04-2019Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
29-04-2019PCL to increase placement to $2m at 2.5cps and NED appDownload
18-04-2019International Bill payments via Bizmoto go liveDownload
10-04-2019Bizmoto Delivers program commences in the PhilippinesDownload
28-03-2019Strategic Partners Funding updateDownload
01-03-2019Funding for future growthDownload
01-03-2019Half Yearly Report, Account and Appendix 4DDownload
28-02-2019Appendix 3BDownload
15-02-2019BankNet collaboration and Funding UpdateDownload
06-02-2019Response to ASX Price and Volume QueryDownload
31-01-2019Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload

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