ASX Announcements 2017

27-12-2017Cleansing statement for 2 cent placementsDownload
18-12-2017Appendix 3B - second tranche of premium placementDownload
13-12-2017SANTE Barley pilot a major boost for Peppermint roll outDownload
04-12-2017Appendix 3BDownload
01-12-2017Shares to be released from EscrowDownload
29-11-2017Results of MeetingDownload
28-11-2017AGM Presentation 2017Download
27-11-2017Peppermint entering International Remittance marketDownload
27-11-2017Restuctured premium placementDownload
31-10-2017Quarterly review and Appendix 4CDownload
31-10-2017Appendix 3BDownload
26-10-2017Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
18-10-2017Partnership with Filipino Health CooperativeDownload
28-09-2017New Payment Gateway powered by Peppermint for UCPBDownload
06-09-2017Large fast growing Filipino partner to boost roll outDownload
04-09-2017Peppermint secures Strategic Investment at a PremiumDownload
31-08-2017Appendix 4GDownload
31-08-2017Appendix 4EDownload
31-08-2017Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
31-08-2017Trading HaltDownload
25-08-2017Ceasing to be a substantial holder from TGSDownload
08-08-2017Appendix 3BDownload
31-07-2017Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
31-05-2017500 Agent MyWeps Pilot commences in PhilippinesDownload
18-05-2017Peppermint extends agent base and reach in PhilippinesDownload
01-05-2017Metro Gas mobile bill payment pilot commences in PhilippinesDownload
28-04-2017Quarterly Review and Appendix 4CDownload
16-03-2017March 2017 Investor PresentationDownload
07-03-2017Mobile Remittance Pilot aproved by Philippine Central BankDownload
28-02-2017Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
23-02-2017Mobile solution with Metro Gas delivery networkDownload
31-01-2017Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload

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